This Page is for the Birds

Mike Toboyek

Kenosha, WI 53140


Forms available at the Rhode Theater Saturdays 10-2pm
You can also copy/paste and printout this form.

Regular Share (20 weeks) x $20                  $400            _$_________
 ½ Share (20 weeks) x $10                           $200          _$_________
 ½ Share every other week (10 weeks) x $20  $200          _$_________ Start 5/20__ or 5/27__ Chicken Share #___ months x $37                                 _$_________                                                              TOTAL            _$_________  

Starts Saturday May 20 Thru September 30, 2017               
Each week you’ll receive the bounty of the garden from that week.   Your Choice!!
Your weekly pickups will be made at Harbor Market.   Some weeks there may be items with a limit so everyone gets their share. 

Pastured Poultry Don’t forget the meat.  5-6lb roasting chickens, raised without antibiotics or hormones on Riverwood Produce Farm.  Chickens are fresh frozen whole for monthly pick up.  2 chickens per month - $37 per month. Please indicate the months you would like to pick up chickens.
Jan__Feb__March__April__May __ June__ July__ Aug__ Sept__ Oct __ Nov__Dec__  

Payment Options:
Option 1 – Pay in full – Send a check with signed application and payment.
Option 2 – If paying with three payments – divide total by three (February, March, April) send ALL three checks with 1/3 total amounts, dated the first of each month, with completed and signed application.
Bonus, option 3 – Early payment bonus, pay in full by the end of Jan 2017 and I’ll add 1 free week at the end of the 2017 season. (Full share $40 value-1/2 share $20 value)  
By becoming a member of Riverwood Produce Farm CSA, I agree to commit to the full season, picking up my produce on my designated day and times; I understand that if I miss my pick up, my produce will be donated to the local food pantry if other arrangements aren’t made.  I understand that this is a season long commitment between Riverwood Produce Farm and me.  No refunds. Banking missed weeks due to vacations is fine.  You just need to use them up by the last week of the season.  
Print Name____________________________________________
Signed ___________________________________________ Date________________ Address______________________________________ Phone#__________________  
Email (print clearly)________________________________________________________  
Print and mail this form with payment to: 
Riverwood Produce Farm 2920 7th Street Kenosha WI  53140  
Any Questions Call Mike Toboyek at 262-914-5696     www.riverwoodproducefarm.com

Thank You For Stopping By.

Email riverwoodproducefarm@yahoo.com