This Page is for the Birds

Market location for winter sales:
Harbor Market
Saturdays 10:00am to2:00pm in Rhode Theater (514-56th Street)

Summer Market,
Saturdays:Kenosha Harbor Market 56th St and 2nd Ave   9-2pm
Located near the water fountain, look for the tie dye table cloths.

Grown Just Minutes From Your Table!

Rows of Heirloom tomatoes.

I start my produce season around May 1st with fresh, daily picked Asparagus and continue thru October 31 with all the good stuff for your fall decorating needs.

Fresh Asparagus waiting to be harvested.

My produce selection each year is both traditional and unusual.  On the one hand I strive to provide food that is familiar and comfortable for most families - you will recognize most of the produce I provide.

On the other hand, I also experiment with the unusual, I grow varieties that aren't generally available in local stores.  Be adventurous and try something new!